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“Your best source of new business is referrals from happy customers or clients.” ~ Forbes Magazine. . . There are many simple and easy marketing ideas that work, however if you listen to Forbes Magazine, sharing referrals is one thing you should most definitely include in your marketing strategy.


Sharing Referrals Means More Work for Everyone

Knowing how important generating referrals is, your next question is probably, “How can your business generate referrals?” Outside of begging people for referrals, there are a few things you must do on your end, including:
  • WordPress Developer and Consultant, Carrie Dils, admonishes us to “Treat people well and do good work and you’ll have a good customer for life.” Although this sounds like a basic idea, it really does work. You don’t need gimmicks and tricks. You just need to do what’s right: treat your clients well and deliver good work.
  • Chief creative officer of The Sherwood Group, Will Sherwood, says, “When you stir the imaginations of your clients and leave their competition shaken and wondering, ‘Now what do we do?’, the referrals often come pouring in.” We work with clients who want to push beyond the obvious. This said, the work doesn’t have to be edgy or outlandish — those campaigns often don’t work anyhow. Having set our standards high, people notice the difference and recommend their friends and colleagues to us.
  • Jennifer Bourn, Web Designer and Content Strategist at Bourn Creative, reminds us, “Great work speaks for itself, and a great experience makes referring new business to you a no brainer.” Once again, it comes down to doing good work. However, this really is the best thing you can do when you want referrals.
  • WordPress consultant, Jared Atchison tells us that “Clients value my expertise and don’t want a yes man.” While this sounds pretty one-sided, it’s quite applicable to you as well in that an important part of doing good work is looking out for your client’s best interests and treating them well. While businesses should make this a standard part of service, it’s often not the case today. This doesn’t end when you’ve completed the work. You’ll want to continue looking after them even after they’ve paid you since you’re working to develop a good relationship with them.
  • Website designer, Curtis McHale says that, “The best way I’ve found to generate referrals is to simply ask.” You can’t just ask for referrals, you must teach your clients how to refer you then continually remind them to do so. Of course, it also helps if you make this really easy for them to do and then thank them for doing so.
Understanding how important sharing referrals are, will propel you towards success in your business. If you have questions about referrals or need some help getting them, contact us. We look forward to helping you grow your business.
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Do you need help growing your business? Click here to check out the social media marketing and website design packages from The Sherwood Group. We’ll help you capture new business and achieve your goals.

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