Stop Working for a Paycheck. Start Creating for a Living.

The most successful employees and business owners all have one thing in common. Each and every one of them create for a living. This is not to say that they are all artists or designers. They may not even see themselves as “creative”. Some are CEO’s and others work fast food counters. They may own their own business or they might have just hired into a huge company full of cubicles.


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Each puts in his or her hours and efforts to receive their paycheck, but there is always a difference between them and the glum employee down the way who simply shows up and does the minimum. Those who focus on creating shine. They stand out. They thrive.

Here are 3 ways to stop working for a paycheck and start creating for a living:

Own your job.

Whether you are the sole employee of your own business or you happen to be the late night cashier at a small town convenience store, your job belongs to you. Put your heart into it. Do it to the best of your ability. Form the hours that you are present into the best hours of the day for the business. Pride in your job is very attractive and will build your customer base.

Project the image you wish your customers to see.

Creating begins with imagination. If you can show those around you the environment you are building, they will gravitate toward the image and help make it a reality. This works for telemarketers just as well as it does for new entrepreneurs.

Build a better attitude in your customers.

Everyone has bad days. The problem is that they are contagious. Good thing that positive attitudes are as well. Smile. Greet sincerely. Begin from the stance of a stress free encounter and your customers are much more likely to reflect this attitude back to you. Creating a good environment is one of the most important things you can do for your job.

Being happy with your work is the first step toward bettering your employment position or business growth. If you need more ways to apply a creative outlook to your current job, contact us. The Sherwood Group has many ideas that will help you make the best living possible at your job so you aren’t simply stuck working for a paycheck.

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  • By Guillermo(memo) Carretero 10 Apr 2015

    We are a Little far along for a discussion or a look at an appropriate dialog on this topic. However, the titles that you and your team produce do help many companies and their bosses to break the wall of “quiet water” and inject ideas and help them do better in their businesses and so they feel better as human beings.

  • By Terry Canfield 14 Apr 2015

    Starting with attitude is paramount. The seven areas I like to focus on are what I call the P.R.A.I.S.E.D Principle… Polarity, Relationaship, Activity, Intensity, Stability, Entertainment, and Direction. These seven areas of focus can be used to design a temperament.I wrote an ebook on them and it is free if anyone wants a copy.