Social Media: Why Keep Your Facebook Page Current?

Some business owners think they can just put up a Facebook page, post content to it periodically, and the leads and contacts will start pouring in. But that’s not an effective social media game plan.


Social Media Game Planning: Keep Your Facebook Page Current

Sure, that may work well for a while; but to remain competitive on Facebook, you must stay up to date on the tools they periodically provide to help you upgrade your presence. Here are four things you can do to make sure your page is up to date.

1. Manage Your “About” Box

Depending on the business category you chose when you created your page, you can enter certain information about your business and have it displayed in the “About” box in the left hand column of your page. You probably already know that. But you may not know that Facebook adds categories from time to time. So it’s wise to click the “About” tab on your page and see if there are ways you might tweak it.

2. Add a Call to Action

Facebook currently offers nine options for a call to action button. If you haven’t already reviewed them to see if there’s one that suits your needs, you should. Just click the “Create Call to Action” button on the right side of your page header, and explore the available options in the dialog box that comes up.

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3. Insert a Featured Video

When you add a featured video to your page, it will appear at the top of your “About” box. Just select the video you want to feature from your uploaded videos list. Then click the pencil icon on the featured video and add a description. You can even use the description to create another call to action.

4. Use Publishing Tools

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is finding the time to post on Facebook regularly. The publishing tools Facebook provides can solve that problem. Just set aside some time once a week or so to write some status updates for your page. Then schedule them for posting at some point in the future.


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