How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur And Do It All

Successful business people know that they must be organized with their time, both personally and professionally. You need to schedule (usually with a calendar) both family time and work time. So, how can you think like a successful entrepreneur and do it all? Read on….


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The biggest thing that successful business people can do is to get and stay organized. They need to know exactly when everything is due and approximately how long it will take them to do it. They also need to figure out when to fit it into their very busy schedule. Many people keep a to-do list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. These lists can be adjusted as they accomplish these things. Sometimes they also need to adjust the lists if they realize that they simply cannot do everything that they thought that they could in one day.


The most successful people also keep a calendar. They start by scheduling family time, appointments, and other obligations. They schedule time to clean, shop, and anything else that they have to fit into their schedule. Many people try to keep a pretty regular work schedule so that their clients know when they can reach them.


Successful business people are also organized when it comes to their paperwork. They find a filing system that works and stick to it. If something does not work, they try something new. When they need to find a certain piece of paper, they know exactly where to find it. They do not waste time looking for it. This helps their business run smoothly and efficiently.

It can be hard to run your own business, especially if you do not have any help. Many people also have families and homes to look after. They may also have spouses who feel that their career is less important, especially if they work from home. But if you follow the above tips you’ll be ahead of the game!

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  • By 05 Jan 2015

    Prevention is worth a pound of cure! So yes to creating templates and developing SOPs. Include legal documents and setting up “books” or accounting tools at the onset as well.

  • By Will Sherwood 08 Jan 2015


    Thanks for taking the time to post a reflection and share your story.

    Success truly is in the eye of the beholder. No client measures us as hard or as high on the bar as we do ourselves. I am actually listening in on a webinar at the moment and the presenter is speaking about success is life being a direct relation to success in business. It sounds like you have already begun achieving the the goals that you have set for yourself to improve your career and achieve a new level of success in your life by going back for that master’s degree. Good job!

    You may enjoy the webinar by Dr. Ben Adkins:


    P.S. If you get on the Ben Adkins email list he will sell you something so be sure not to get shiny object syndrome. That webinar link is no-pitch, no-offer, just genuine good content. Happy New Year, here’s to 2015 successes!!

  • By Richard Hatheway 09 Jan 2015

    While the tips in the article are very good, they also left out several others that, at least from my perspective, are equally as important to be an entrepreneur:

    1) Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. If you listen to everyone else, you’ll end up like everyone else.
    2) Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.
    3) Understand what your priorities are, and set your boundaries accordingly.

  • By Lathea Morris 09 Jan 2015

    One tip is to be resilient. Being an entrepreneur involves gritty, tough work. You may have feelings of self-doubt at times, however, with resiliency, true entrepreneurs survive almost anything.

  • By memo GUILLERMO cARRETERO 09 Jan 2015

    There is a Tip……… My personal tip is be all the time ready to catch information from all what happen around me, be continuosly catching this information and converting it in inteligence. This makes the “tip” work, not ever , but more if you continuos put creativity and aplied it to make changes, to lounch ideas and to take quick and well thinked risks in minutes. Its the same work as intelligence of an undercover agent do in the field working alone.So I really think that the word “tip” must be changed for “ever be creative”, based and supported in real analized situations.So I can say that there dont exist tips or regular ecuations , because everything is in constant and perpetual moovement and you must be a survivor !! sorrounded of different scenaries and be succesfull in most of them ,or the best in all of them.A good entrepeneur must have no tips , he/ she must be dotated of a really good information , education ,the best capacity of mimetize and understad the signs that you recieve asigning them a value, and an excellet capacity of iteract in all situations, and the capacity of not only think or make ideas . the capacity of put in practice profetional and well analized the plans that became from the ideas. Tips are for Pocker players, and nobody can know what they are.this tips………………..

  • By Al Shultz 10 Jan 2015

    To be a successful entrepreneur…

    Rule #1: Be sure you have something exceptional — be it a product or skill or capability — that has value to an available market.

    Rule #2: Figure out the most effective, most efficient way to provide your exceptional value to that available market.

    Rule #3: Get the word out to your target audience. Repeatedly. On an ongoing basis. Making it absolutely clear how you’re different and special. Unless you DIFFERENTIATE yourself you will never be more than an also-ran scrambling for scraps.

    Al Shultz

  • By Patty Mooney 13 Jan 2015

    Have faith that your hard work will pay off and you won’t have to go scampering back to some dull and unrewarding job. Entrepeneurs are people who can take that leap of faith and not feel regretful about it.

  • By ron 16 Jan 2015

    You do an amazing job keeping in front of people with your blog and activity on linkedin… and you’re not just talk because your work is also pretty great. My problems which have eluded me for the past 30 – 40 years are being too considerate of what i think clients can afford (i’m always giving away the farm) and a lack of networking and self promotion. my focus has always been on building a skillset, doing research and finding jobs and clients that are a little more meaningful than typical work for hire. having had a fine arts education, i’ve learned in the trenches and have had some self image/confidence issues…which is why i’m always upgrading my skillset. not to say i haven’t had some success, i did manage to get 6 people through some of the more expensive colleges in this country, i live in a great house… and have actually saved a little money. but for the most part, we live hand to mouth. So success is an elusive concept. but for me organization isn’t what is holding me back. for what its worth, at 60 I went back to school for a masters in communications design. it was a love/hate thing… but was great and stimulating and inspiring… and i felt i brought some things that my peers didn’t understand, that the client has clients the the need for empathy to be able to communicate. i guess my point is… success is a matter of perspective.. and as crazy as i get about ‘not being good enough’ i really know that i am…. and just need to get my ass back on the street. i couldn’t see myself doing anything else. its attitude not latitude.

  • By Brian R. King 25 Feb 2015

    View the journey of the Entrepreneur as a treasure hunt. You expect there to be successes and setbacks, pleasure and pain. But you keep pushing and digging because you know there’s treasure to be won.