Tips For Working At Home (Part II)

Our earlier post was about the difference between the fantasy of working at home and the reality. People dream of working in their comfortable clothes, spending their days with their children. However, as a small business owner, you don’t often make money when you are distracted by working at home.


Tips for working at home (part II)

Here are 4 more tips to working at home so that you are more productive in your business:

  • Use uninterrupted time wisely. When you have time to work (nap time, school, etc), use it wisely. Know exactly what you need to do and where things are so that you can just sit down and get to work. Do not use this time to try to decide what you should be doing. This will waste valuable time. If you are able to have an office where everything is ready whenever you have the time that is even better.
  • Turn your cell phone off (if possible) whenever you are working. If not, only take business calls during business hours. Do not text people while you are working. That is just as distracting.
  • Hire some help around the house. It can be distracting to see the laundry piling up and the dirty house. If you can afford to, hire someone to do some cleaning and laundry. If not, set certain times aside just for cleaning. Otherwise, work when you say that you will.
  • Hire childcare. Hiring someone to help with the children might be one of the best decisions that you ever make when you own your own business. Though you want to stay home with your children, you need to have some periods of uninterrupted time to get a lot of work accomplished.

Working at home comes with a lot of distractions. When you have uninterrupted time, be ready and use it wisely. Know exactly what you want to do and get to work. Turn your cell phone off when you are working so you are not distracted. Hire someone to help you clean (if you can afford to). If not, set aside times for cleaning and times for working. Look into someone to help with the children too. That will really help you too!

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  • By Brian R. King, LCSW 08 Jan 2015

    Turning my cell phone off has been a small but powerful tactic. Having ADHD, any distraction breaks my concentration to the point that it can be difficult to get back. But without the random phone call being able to pull me off my target, I get a lot more done.

  • By Monica 08 Jan 2015

    I would also add these:

    1) Get dressed like you would for work.
    2) Try to start work the same time, everyday.
    3) Turn off all non-work activities.
    4) Time your work so you don’t get distracted.
    5) Take breaks every hour. Get fresh air.
    6) When you take a break, don’t do anything work related. Then the mind truly freshens.

    This is how I’ve been doing it since over 5 years now!

  • By Katelyn O'Brien 09 Jan 2015

    These are really great and helpful tips. It is easier to get distracted then I think any of us are willing to admit. Thanks for sharing this resource!