How to Build A Successful Social Media Campaign From Scratch

Building a successful social media campaign can be a huge challenge. One of the big metrics that you need to measure is engagement, measured by the number of people who comment on, like, and share your posts, as well as click on links that you leave on your social profiles and posts. Here’s how to build successful social media engagement from scratch (or beef up you current campaign).

How To Master Social Media Success

Target the audience for your social media campaign

Start by building your profile in a very particular way. Make sure that people know what they are going to get when they visit your page. Tell them what kind of content you are going to share, so that they know whether to follow you or not. For example, if you are promoting a business, list what that business does. If you are promoting a community, think about a name and description which will explain what the community is about. Your social media name and your profile picture are the first thing most people will see. These must make them interested enough to click on your name and consider following you.

Create good-quality content

If visitors come to your profile and they only see low-quality content, they will not want to interact with you. Instead, they want to see great content which is professional and interesting. If you are posting photographs, try to get them done by a professional, or follow tips to be a better photographer yourself. Written content must be easy to read, spelled correctly, and with correct grammar. Everything should be on-topic, though you may occasionally want to share something related to current events (such as a message of solidarity). This is up to your discretion; consider whether your fans will really want to see it.

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Use the right hashtags and SEO

Next, make sure that you are using the right tags. Though the terminology may change, tags are a fact across most social networks. Twitter and Instagram both use hashtags as the primary form of search. Tags also work on Facebook, though there it is more about using the right words and terms in general. On Pinterest, your ‘tags’ are taken from the description under each post, so be careful to use search-friendly terms there. It doesn’t matter how good your posts are if no one is seeing them, so this is essential to get the views that you need.

Utilize captions correctly

To get engagement, you also need to encourage it through your use of captions and written posts. Asking a question is a really good way to create engagement. For example, imagine that you have posted an image of a cute kitten onto your social channels. You could add the caption, “Who likes kittens?” to get a response from your followers. You can also add captions such as “Like if you love kittens”, “share this if you love kittens”, or “tag someone who loves kittens”. All of these captions encourage engagement, so think about what form of engagement you want the most and then go for it.

Be consistent

The main thing for building engagement is to be consistent. Post similar content on a regular schedule, and always be on-message. If your page is about cats, you shouldn’t be sharing memes about the latest French election or your favorite Netflix show – unless those memes also involve cats!

If you want to build successful social media engagement from scratch, this is the right way to do it. To boost it even faster, make sure that you engage with other users as well – this will spread your name far and wide and gain you more responses.

Author: Michelle Arios works as Marketing Assistant for – New Zealand business database.

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