Watch Out for These 6 Hidden Costs in Your Business’s Future

Every business should have a business plan with very detailed start-up and operating budgets. For a new business, the budget is a living, breathing entity that changes as you learn and grow.


The 6 Hidden Costs of Your Future Business

Ideally, you want the changes to happen in your favor with higher-than-projected sales and lower production costs. More likely, you will be under budget because of things you either forgot or did not know about.


If you have an inventory-based business then shoplifting and employee theft can be a major problem. Habitual shoplifters steal a little less than twice per week on average, tend to steal from the same stores, and take anywhere between $2 and $200 in goods, according to This does not take into account employee theft, which can include inventory or office items. For any business with valuable goods, you will either need to budget in loss or consider installing a security system to prevent theft.


Accounting for waste, spillage, or scrap is a rather sophisticated part of cost accounting in manufacturing that many new businesses do not understand. If a hypothetical doughnut shop purchases 50 pounds of sugar per week, some of this will be lost from spillage, one ingredient in a doughnut could go bad, or the vendor may have supplied inaccurate measurements. Not only will you under budget for the amount you actually need, but waste needs to be removed — and that also incurs a cost.


There’s a difference between advertising and marketing. Coming up with an accurate advertising budget that includes fliers, ads and mailers is relatively simple. Marketing, however, is a little more elusive. Before sending out your first mailer, you will need to know your market demographic. This takes a bit of research, which, depending on your scope, may incur costs. You may want to do the research yourself, but every hour you spend researching is an hour lost to selling. Take a look at the cost of marketing research and put that into your start-up budget.

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Fees, Fees and More Fees

You want to lease space. There is a brokerage fee. You need water. There is a one-time set up fee. You want to register your business. Yes, there is a fee for that. Almost every piece of paperwork you create at the beginning of a new business comes with a cost. If you need to hire a professional, like an accountant, lawyer, or contractor, then you will have a lot of unbudgeted expenses. The rub is that these high-priced professionals are extremely important to your business. Having an accountant help set up your bookkeeping at the beginning will save you a world of problems later down the road. Don’t skimp; just budget properly.


Licensing, permitting and other documentation that allows you to do business has a cost. If you need a license to conduct business, then don’t forget about the inevitable continuing education costs and membership fees.

The Unforeseeable

The biggest threats to your budget are things you simply do not know or could never predict. A pipe bursts. A hurricane hits. A loved one dies. You can easily generate a list of horrible events, but that will not help in times of crisis. Instead, create a sustainability plan and devote some money to this line item to shore up any deficits that may arise.

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