What Great Graphic Design Says About You and Your Company

As a business owner, you spend a lot of time figuring out how to talk about your business and sell yourself to your prospects and customers. When you invest in great graphic design, you not only enhance visual communication, you successfully portray your company, and help maximize your success.


Graphic Design Says A LOT About You and Your Company

What graphic design says about you and your company can be critical to your success. Here are some tips that show how graphic design can help you increase your bottom line:


Think of some of the more well-known brands and what they say to you. The Nike swoosh, the Apple apple or the Starbucks woman. While these are all different, and convey a different personality, they are all memorable and offer a clean design. They all have clean lines, look professionally done and have become a symbol for status. A second-guessed logo or a messy website design gives a sense that your services will be too. The more you appear professional and reliable, the more your company will be able to charge. People are willing to pay more for the ease of trusting a company that they are working with.


All your graphic design should convey a sense of the personality of your company. A law firm that focuses on high-end cases will have a different look and feel than and up-and-coming tech company. While these are different they can both still convey a message that makes consumers comfortable with paying more for the service. Along with this, people who understand your personality and connect with it are more likely to invest in your mission or service.

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Color Psychology

This is a fun one to add and something that most graphic design firms really think about when designing new branding pieces. Green is usually environmental or money. Yellow is warmth and happiness. Purple is more royal, sophisticated and expensive. Deep blue is corporate and conservative. These are things to consider when designing a new brand or expanding the colors you use at your company.

The bottom line is the more professional your graphic design looks, the more people will trust you and your brand. The more they trust you, the more they will recommend you to those with whom they come in contact. That will eventually lead to your brand symbolizing a certain status, and if you want that to be one that has a higher bottom line, think about what that brand should look like.

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