5 Ways to Increase Business With LinkedIn

The biggest difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms are the types of people that you will connect with. As opposed to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn connects professionals with other professionals. Here’s how you can utilize LinkedIn to help you increase business:


5 Ways to Increase Business With LinkedIn

It’s fairly easy to increase business with a free LinkedIn account. LinkedIn will allow you to easily connect to new networks, see endorsements by others and give endorsements, as well as see project descriptions and work examples. With LinkedIn, it also becomes easier to build relationships and conduct a job search, when necessary.

Now that you understand the importance of LinkedIn, here are 5 ways to increase business utilizing LinkedIn.

1. Blog

Utilizing LinkedIn’s Pulse, you can post as many articles as you want. This will help you to gain followers and more quickly become perceived as an expert.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Share and Share alike

Sharing is the best way to become recognized as an expert, but you also need to take into consideration to whom and how you are putting the information out there. This is a perfect time to share information with your friends and other connections. If you are a prolific writer, you can share a daily post on your status update. This can also be helpful if you have a specific topic that is relevant to other groups. But be sure to share information at least once every week!

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3. Connect and Build

Do your homework. Connect with people at least once weekly and join groups that are relevant to your business. Find a topic you are passionate about, become the expert and start connecting with the right people.

4. Daily / Weekly Engagement

If you engage daily, or at the very least weekly, this will help people to remember you. It’s also important to post helpful information to show you are a reputable individual interested in building relationships. A good rule of thumb is to post only 1 sales oriented message for every 9 non-sales oriented messages

5. LinkedIn App

This will help you to more easily stay in touch through your smart phone. This way, you’ll stay “in-the-know,” stay connected and engaged.

By utilizing these 5 tips, not only will you see your connections increase, but you will eventually become perceived and the “go-to” expert.

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