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If you’re looking for ways to give your marketing a shot-in-the-arm, start thinking outside the box. Here are 4 simple and easy marketing ideas you can start using today without breaking your budget:


4 simple and easy marketing ideas you can begin using right now

Offline Ideas:

1. Unusual Sponsorships:

We’ve all seen how businesses sponsor local sports teams like kid’s baseball and soccer. But, with a little imagination, you can find more unique things to sponsor that will really set you apart. One such sponsorship, although on a larger scale than most local businesses could do, is the Citibike program in New York City. Ask yourself what unique sponsorship you could create in your town?

2. Distribute Your Business Card:

Unusual ways to give out your business card can be very effective. You’ve heard of creating relevant content online, right? Well, a good way to leverage relevant content offline is to tuck your business card inside library books and magazines in the stores where you shop that are relevant to your industry.

Another good practice is to include your business card in the envelope when you pay bills, and do so with every bill payment, every month. Finally, whenever you see one of those fish bowl drawings, drop your business card in. True, these drawings are intended as a way for the sponsor to harvest contacts, but those contacts can work both ways.

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Online Ideas:

3. Video Contests Featuring Your Products or Services:

Video contests are great for a number of reasons: They’re relatively easy to enter (anyone with a smartphone can shoot a quick video and submit it on the prescribed social media page), they’re fun, and they’re a great source of user-generated content that you can reuse elsewhere. Just pick the video you like best of your product being used, and award the prize to the winner. You can also create a Facebook Live event of you presenting the prize to garner additional exposure.

4. Custom Memes:

Everyone on social media loves memes, right? They’re fun, and they get shared – a lot. Creating a totally custom meme is easier than you might think. Just go to the express online app, upload the background image you want to use, and overlay it with your humorous or inspiring text.

Another option is a meme generator like imgflip, but these are not completely custom because you have to use their images and the meme includes a mention of their site.

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