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When it comes to social media fatigue, there are several factors that contribute to the phenomenon. You can avoid it by incorporating some of these handy tools into your social media strategy. For one, they can help you boost your energy and motivation.


Suffering From Social Media Fatigue? Check Out These Tips:

Before understanding the remedies for social media fatigue, it’s important to first look at all the factors that compound it. These can range from disappointment, to fear, to old-fashioned headache and eyestrain.

You might feel like you’re working with a social media strategy that isn’t garnering the attention you want or you might feel like their aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with the myriad nuances of social media. So, before you call it quits on the social media front, take some time to reflect on what is driving your fatigue before you tackle it head-on.

Set sensible goals

Goal setting is an integral part of any company’s strategies. Set well, goals can be a motivating force and feel personally rewarding when met. Set arbitrarily, the effect of goal setting can take a turn for the worse, leaving you disempowered to continue on your current trajectory. Therefore, it’s critical to set goals that are reasonably attainable and based on prior experiences and thorough data analysis. For example, if a goal for Twitter is randomly set to accomplishing 500 retweets in a month when prior months consecutively demonstrated 50, 100, and 150 retweets, chances are that your new goal won’t be met. Instead, look at the trend and make an informed goal (in this case, 200 retweets). Lastly, consider that not all metric-based goals are of equal importance—those Facebook ‘likes’ may not hold as much value as you think. For more insight on the value of a ‘like,’ check out this important read.

Automate your posts

One of the handiest features of social media is the ability to stagger your posts without needing to be at the screen every time (or awake at weird hours, for that matter!). Just be sure that your posts are well crafted before they go into the rotation. Keep your voice aligned with your overall campaign and company ethos. And while this is an amazing tool, real-time posts have value, too, in that you can interact with your followers while they are still engaged with your post.

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Study up

Social media platforms are rapidly evolving to incorporate new and sophisticated features. So it’s normal to feel like you’ve gotten behind the times with regard to knowing the full ins-and-outs of your chosen platforms. Luckily there are plenty of courses you can enroll in through web-based providers like Hootsuite and Coursera in order to sharpen your skills.

Customize your news feeds

News feed customization is common among individual users throughout social media. But it can benefit you and your company too. If you use social media to follow your competition and allied organizations, consider opting to see their content first in your feed. This will save you lots of screen reading time, which your eyes will thank you for!

Choose your platforms wisely

New social media platforms crop up all the time, appealing to niche markets by interest or even geographical region. But many of these fail to gain a following. Don’t feel like you need to sign up for every new platform you see; instead, give it some time before you make an informed decision. Also note that the platforms that do gain a following sometimes make older platforms obsolete (such as the once-popular MySpace). While it won’t happen as often, evaluate your existing platforms annually to determine whether or not users tend to be dropping off, and potentially save yourself loads of time.

Ask for help

Maintaining the social media presence for a company is a time consuming job. If you find yourself unable to keep up with your workload, you may experience a whole host of issues including disappointment and apathy toward social media. Consider hiring some extra help to combat the issue while allowing you to get some waitlisted projects off the ground.

Even social media experts that feel like their goals are consistently met and their web-based projects are generally going pretty well sometimes need a break. It’s a perfectly normal thing. So sometimes the answer is simply to step back from the computer altogether and take a much-deserved vacation.

Guest Contributor: James Pointon is an experienced blogger and content creator working at OpenAgent – real estate experts from Australia. James is a staunch advocate of social media and often shares his knowledge about using them for promoting business.

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