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In March 2016, an average of 1.09 billion users logged on to Facebook every single day. If you want a share of that market, your Facebook page is the key to that world. By targeting your audience, providing relevant, to-the-minute resources, and even entertaining your readers, you’ll snag your share of that 1.09 billion-strong user base and grow your business more than you ever thought possible.


10 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Amazing

Use these top 10 tips to rock your Facebook page and get yourself started.

1. Double-check the basics.

It might seem so obvious it doesn’t even belong on this list. But it’s also an absolutely essential step: check and double-check the contact information and company description you’re providing on your Facebook page. Make sure it’s accurate, concise, and to the point so users know what you’re about and how to reach you easily.

2. Manage your Facebook reviews.

Got negative reviews on your page? Don’t panic–just respond to them graciously and promptly. By letting customers (even the disgruntled ones) know you care and are working to remedy the problem, you’ll send the message that you’re actively engaged with your clientele. No matter what your business is, that’s an essential step. It doesn’t hurt to respond to positive reviews, either. Even a “Thanks for your feedback!” goes a long way.

3. Focus on graphics!

More pictures mean more clicks and far more connections with your user base. Photos of people doing things tend to generate the most clicks. Lifestyle pics are huge. Don’t just post pictures of your products–post pictures of people using and enjoying them, if you can.

4. Host Facebook contests.

Need more of those lifestyle images? Try having customers comment on your contest thread with photos of your product or service in use. Or just allow customers to share a post for a chance to win a gift certificate or other prize. People love free stuff, and this is a surefire way to get your name out to an even wider customer base.

5. Provide valuable resources.

Give your customers information they can use, preferably by linking back to your amazing blog. How-to posts typically fare very well, as do lists and easily-scannable posts. Don’t just aim for overt sales. Instead, aim to keep people’s attention and develop a reputation for being a solid resource. Customers will keep coming back.

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6. Use Facebook Offers.

Promote a limited-time deal using Facebook Offers, which allows you to highlight a product and get your name out there. You might be surprised how inexpensive and easy it is to get started.

7. Target Your Audience.

Facebook allows incredibly specific targeting so your ads go where you want them to–whether it’s to all female tea-drinkers under the age of 30 who live in NYC, or another slice of the population. And by associating those ads with your Facebook page, they’ll show up in your potential clients’ actual News Feeds–not just in the right-hand column.

8. Upload Your Mailing List to Facebook.

By uploading your existing email list to Facebook, you can connect on social media with customers you already have a relationship with. That means even more relationship-building and engagement that’s sure to serve you well.

9. Instead of just sharing articles, share images.

Rather than confining your shared links to a little article box, try uploading your own image–which will appear much larger–and include a short link in the description. You’ll highlight your post more and potentially generate much more attention.

10. Be you.

When it comes down to it, standing out from the competition means bringing something to the table that others can’t. That has everything to do with personality. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, put your own spin on things, and think outside the box while you market your brand.

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Do you need help growing your business? Click here to check out the social media marketing and website design packages from The Sherwood Group. We’ll help you capture new business and achieve your goals.

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