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Everybody has thought about pursuing a creative field at one point or the other and many of us have been lucky enough to have careers that enable us to be creative. However, there are many ways to be creative even if you don’t work in any of the so-called creative fields.


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As long as you’re introducing some kind of innovation in what you do, you’re being creative. The advantage of always trying out something new is that, sooner or later, you’re bound to hit upon something that works really well.

Try out the following tips. They can help you create for a living rather than just working for a living.

Wear something new.

This might seem like a strange suggestion to increase creativity but it’s very useful because everyone has to get dressed to go to work. Rather than wearing the same navy blue suits all the time, why not try something new? Creativity is one of those things that increases the more you do it. So if you’re creative in one aspect of your life, you’re likely to become creative in a different one as well.

Eat somewhere new.

Everyone gets caught up in the same patterns, taking the same food to work or ordering the same selections from the same places. We even tend to hang out with the same people when we go to work. Cliques form in all places, from high school cafeterias to break rooms at work. Why not try talking to someone new at work or going somewhere new to eat with them? Just start being adventurous in one way and you’ll find yourself becoming adventurous in other ways too.

Get a hobby.

Doing something creative in your spare time can be really relaxing and motivating. Take up ceramics. Meet new people. Start painting or drawing. Take your sketch pad and walk around the park until you find something you want to draw. Take some Tai Chi Qijong classes. You’ll start seeing yourself in a new way and others will too.

Start small at work.

If you’ve generally been following the same patterns at work, you probably don’t want to stun your coworkers with suggestions that will take a lot of effort. But there’s no harm in speaking up at meetings and suggesting small changes that you or others can make. Make sure that you phrase everything in a positive way which encourages people to agree with you.

Decorate your office space.

Most of us spend so much time working. From 9 to 5, we’re sitting in the same cubicles or offices. And yet, we don’t make any effort to make these spaces pleasant for ourselves. Get a print of your favorite artwork. Get a plant or two in brightly-colored pots. Pin up your favorite poem. If you’re not into art or poetry, there must be something you enjoy: music, movies, TV shows etc. It just helps to have something in your office space that reminds you of what you enjoy.

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