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Maybe it’s time to “Face” the music! If your business isn’t using Facebook advertising to build an email list of prospects and buyers then you may be leaving money on the table.


Facebook Advertising by Will Sherwood of The Sherwood Group


In this post I’m going to show you how you can win with Facebook advertising, not only because they can be cost-effective, but because of the many targeting options Facebook Ads can offer!

Here’s How Facebook Advertising Helps You:

  • Facebook will bring in more super-targeted leads for your business.
  • Facebook will help build long-term relationships that build brand recognition.
  • Facebook Ads can be very affordable.

How does Facebook work for your business?

As we move forward into the fourth quarter, you may have noticed the Facebook trend for the past nine months: Your personal or fan page posts do not seem to show up on your friends/fans timelines! This is because Facebook wants you to advertise.

Facebook collects massive amounts of data that allows them to quantify your active users on Facebook. Facebook advertising is truly the better way to manage your social media presence for increased business in 2015.

Don’t fight it…  EMBRACE IT!

Facebook advertising for business will be around and Facebook will continue growth as a platform that provides highly effective ways to reach very targeted consumers. It’s tough to imagine this trend changing for the foreseeable future. It’s simple to be one with Facebook advertising for your business.  The power of Facebook lies in the fact that it is the most visited website on the internet! You can embrace Facebook and be great at it.

Reference: Facebook’s second quarter earnings report

The Truth about Mass Emails & SMS

Mass Emails: Unfortunately, there’s an increasingly known secret about mass emails: The don’t work!

SMS: Anytime you comment on something in Facebook, their algorithms pick that up. Whenever the algorithms note that an interaction has taken place, i.e. your page has connected recently with a user, they liked a comment, you liked a comment, etc. it raises the value within Facebook, and Facebook values your comments higher. This means your comments will be shown to more and more of your fans.

Why Facebook Advertising?

For one reason, there are over 800 million Facebook users active each day!  Consider the enormity of that number for a moment.  Depending on your product or service, that’s the ability to tap into many potential customers!  If they scroll past your advertisement in their news feed, create a new ad for them and work on your targeting.  But don’t worry. You don’t have to throw your advertisement into cyberspace and hope that someone sees it. When you advertise on Facebook you are picking and choosing the people that you would like the ad to reach.

  • Facebook advertising puts you in a places that you decide your ads should be.
  • Facebook gives you extensive options to target your specific audiences.
  • You can filter who sees your advertisements by geographic areas, age groups, genders, education status, relationship status, and even celebrity, brand, or competitor pages just to name a few.
  • You can also choose to push your advertisement to people who have already told Facebook that they like the types of things your business does!
  • Facebook advertising even gives you options on how much you pay for services based on the amount of distribution you want.
  • Facebook collects data and gives you a breakdown of how each ad campaign you design is faring in the Facebook universe.

Facebook is only one example of the many different social media outlets you can use to help promote your business, and look at how much exposure your business could get.

Long Lasting Relationships

As a business, your goal is to create long lasting relationships with consumers thereby ensuring repeat business.  Well, consumers are already incredibly attached to their cell phones and other mobile technologies which creates a 24/7 link to social media.  So why not use that link to get your company at their fingertips at all hours?

Let us help you develop your advertising marketing plan.

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