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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries for sales jobs range up to $91,830 per year. Since the majority of those job options listed do not require specialized education, they make ideal career tracks for millennials with communication and people skills.



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Sales is a very wide field, and these seven career options represent a good cross section of the industry. To learn more about different types of job options available and to determine whether the field is a good match for you, you can find more information at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Sales Engineers

As a sales engineer, you will sell complex scientific and technological products or services to businesses. To do this, you’ll need to have extensive knowledge of the products’ parts and functions and must understand the scientific processes that make these products work. To earn the highest average salary on this list of $91,830 you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree.

Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents

As a securities, commodities or financial services sales agent, you will connect buyers and sellers in the financial markets. You will sell securities to individuals, advise companies in search of investors, and conduct trades. To qualify for the average yearly salary of $71,720 you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree and a securities license from your state.

Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives

As a wholesale and manufacturing sales representative, you will sell goods on behalf of wholesalers or manufacturers to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. You will contact customers, explain product features, answer any questions that their customers may have, and negotiate prices. The average yearly salary is $57,870. Here’s a link to see how to become a wholesale or manufacturing sales rep.

Insurance sales

As an insurance salesperson, your job consists of making insurance sales to individuals and businesses. You may sell life insurance, home owner’s insurance, business liability insurance, renters’ insurance or other types of insurance. You can work off of insurance leads that you’ve identified or have been provided with. As a novice salesperson, you will generally work for an insurance agency where you will receive on-the-job training. Since these jobs typically are commission-based instead of fixed salary, it can take some time to earn a good wage. Once you develop the skills, you can succeed and may go on to freelance or open your own agency. While some insurance sales jobs have a high level of travel, others are mostly office positions.

Real estate sales

As a realtor, you show properties to potential buyers. You might spend time traveling to view properties, photographing properties, advertising listings, staging homes, holding open houses, taking clients to view properties and attending real estate closings. You can set your own schedule, making this an ideal position for parents or others who need flexibility. The average salary for this position is $41,990, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Commissions play a large role in your earnings. If you enjoy the position, you can get a broker’s license and manage your own business. Both brokers and realtors must be licensed in state.

Advertising sales agents

As an advertising salesperson, your job consists of selling advertising space. You may sell ads for print media, television, radio or Internet. You’ll contact potential clients (by phone or email), make presentations and maintain client accounts as needed and will typically work in an office environment, although some travel may be required. These jobs are generally commissions-based and often come with pressure to meet deadlines and fill quotas for ad space.

Travel agents

Travel agents also make up a part of the sales industry, selling trips, lodging, activities and other travel-related services to individuals or businesses. While you spend most of your time in-office as a travel agent, you may get to travel a bit so you can better sell clients on a given destination or tour provider. The more you specialize in this industry — by providing a certain type of tourism (e.g. ecotourism, Latin America travel) or catering to a certain type of client (e.g. corporate clients) — the more successful your career prospects. The median wage for travel agents is $34,600, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Author: Rob Reynolds is a retired insurance broker who writes about the industry to stay connected and stay busy. He can only walk the dog so often.

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