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Today’s consumer base values their time. Research shows that Millennials love the convenience of being able to do something with just a few taps on their smartphone instead of in-person or over a phone call. To stay competitive in today’s tech-driven business environment, it’s important your business puts the emphasis on customer experience.

3 Tips to Improving Your Customer Experience in 2020
Given that customers can connect with businesses around the world and place orders through their mobile devices, the technological convenience your company offers them is what makes you more competitive. Here are three tech tips that can improve the quality of customer service you provide.

1. Set Up a Self-Service Portal for Your Customers

Customers love getting service on-demand from the convenience of their smartphone or laptop. Having a website and/or mobile app that lets customers process tasks like making a purchase, requesting a return label or paying a bill enables them to stay engaged with your business on their own time. You also get more marketing opportunities by enabling customers to have this access. For example, you can send push notifications to their phone when your business has a promotion or sale when they have your mobile app installed.

2. Synergize Your Team With Cloud-Based VoIP

Customer service teams that adopt VoIP cloud phone systems can benefit from the synergy of staying connected and in sync. The speed of communications between employees speeds up, because employees can be reached from anywhere and not just at their desk. This means work gets done without the miscommunication that happens from leaving notes and voicemail messages, and customers get served faster. By improving communication between staff, employees experience less frustration and are better equipped for serving clients.

VoIP is currently the best phone system for restaurants, auto sales companies and more. As VoIP continues to evolve to make the customer experience better, companies who us it now to empower their customer-facing teams can enjoy a competitive edge.

3. Minimize Your Online Checkout Process

Consumers use mobile devices to make purchases, but if it’s too difficult to do on mobile, they’ll abandon the process. Remove friction from the technological aspect of checking out, by keeping everything on one page and making each step clear and easy. Avoid information fields that aren’t truly required, and limit the process of placing an order to as few clicks as possible. This goes a long way in securing purchases that would otherwise be abandoned, and reducing customer frustration. Don’t bog down the process with up-selling and cross-selling if it just means the customer is bombarded with confusing pop-ups or loses track of the checkout process.

Streamlining Your Customer Experience

With leading-edge business technology, it’s possible to improve your customer experience and facilitate a streamlined customer journey. By giving your customers easy, user-friendly access to your business on their digital devices, you can make engaging with your brand an enjoyable experience. With faster communication and fewer tasks for the customer to perform, technology can help streamline the customer experience into one that’s convenient and exciting. Having a self-service portal, cloud-based VoIP and a minimalist online checkout process that is responsive on mobile devices are all tips you can’t afford to forget if you want to leave an impression on your customers.

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