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Times have changed, and so have the taboos for women in business.  At one point, women were expected to act tough and wear power suits, and any mention of femininity was taboo.  Today, however, things are quite different.


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People realize that women don’t have to start acting like men to be successful at what they do.  Plus, it’s good to make time for our families because this is eventually going to be a big source of our happiness.  So it’s no longer taboo to leave work early because you have to take your kids to the game.  Still, there are certain behaviors that are best avoided:

Overly revealing attire.

It’s fine to dress the way you want when you’re going out with friends or family.  But it’s probably best to maintain a level of professionalism when you dress for work.  Dressing in a very revealing manner might mean that you don’t get taken very seriously in the business world.  People might assume, often mistakenly, that your aim is to snag a man rather than succeed at what you do.  Of course, there’s no point in rushing to the other extreme either and dressing like a nun.  Try to take inspiration from women who have made a name for themselves as fashion icons, such as Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana and Jackie O.  When you’re with friends or with your significant other, you can let your inner Marilyn Monroe or Madonna emerge!

Badmouthing women who are your competitors.

You could generally say that this is a taboo for men as well as women.  You shouldn’t badmouth your competitors.  Instead, try to be better than them.  For women, though, it’s possible to come across as “catty” or jealous when you criticize other women in your workplace or in your field of work.  This cattiness is probably what results in the popularity of shows like “America’s Next Top Model.”  However, you’ll note that the models who keep to themselves and don’t get involved in criticizing others are often the ones who win the contest.

Favoring one sex over the other in the workplace.

You need to be fair with your workers, whether they are men or women.  If you seem to work better with men, the women will notice it and hold it against  you.  If you seem to work better with women, the men won’t have as much reason to work with you.  So make sure that you don’t appear to favor one sex over the other.  Try to be fair and evaluate your workers  on the basis of the work they do.  When giving out promotions and even when you sit down to get ideas from your workers, maintain a neutral attitude.

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