Blogging: The Google Way

Getting your company found on the internet is not always the easiest thing to do. But with the many free tools out there from Google, you can be assured your blogging presence will be seen.


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Google specializes in internet based services and products.  Although some of the products and services Google offers do cost money, there are several services that Google offers that truly are free to anyone who knows how to find them.

Google My Business

The one service of late that I have been getting hit with is Google My Business.  This use to be known as Google Places.  In order to tap into your potential clients locally, you can submit your business for free  to Google My Business.  By doing this, your business will be featured in the local search results along with being featured in Google Maps.

Google Trends

This tool is great for finding specific keywords that are trending.  You can compare them to other keyword variations and determine popularity over time and within different regions and languages.  This is great for getting ideas for keywords.

Google Alerts

This can be used two ways.  The first ways is for monitoring the web for specific keywords or phrases mentioned across the internet.  The other way that this can be used is dynamically.  By choosing a key phrase, you can get a list of current stories that are trending and place this directly into your website.  Depending on your settings this can change hourly or daily.  This is a great tool for dynamic content on your page.  Google bots love new content!

Google Feedburner

This is a great way to grow your reach within the web.  This will allow your visitors to subscribe to your web content by using feeds.  There are many tools within this service that can optimize your reach.


Google and Youtube merged in 2006.  For people who are video marketers, this free service is not something that should be passed up.  Although you can now post videos to Facebook natively, they are hard to find once they have been up for a while.  However, by placing videos on YouTube they will always be there.  They won’t be hidden within your feed and are easily searchable.  You can also monetize any of your own videos. This can generate a secondary revenue.

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Google Search Console

This is a very powerful tool if you can find it. There is one important thing with this tool.  You need content and lots of it.  This replaces your website generated search bar with a google generated search bar.  You set up all the keywords and phrases you want to use.  You can also set up promotions if you have local events going on. This will display search results from your own webpage.  It will also show Google Ads.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a free tool for your website. According to your specifications, ads will appear on your site.  Every time someone clicks on one of these ads, you get paid.  In addition, the ads that appear in the Google Search Console results, you will also get paid for if someone clicks on them.

This is a lot of information.  This can be overwhelming but, taking it one piece at a time and learning about it will help.  The bigger question becomes how to link all these things together.  That would be Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This is the most powerful tool that Google has available for your website.  I don’t want to go into this too far as there is enough information that can generate hundreds of articles.  But I would like to point out that this can link all of the above mentioned tools together in one place.  If you are a person that loves statistics, you will have more than enough to keep you busy for days.  The last thing I will mention about this is their knowledge center.  This will walk you through many of the different features and help you get started.

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