Five Hidden Email Marketing Features That Will Make Your Marketing Efforts Easier

Email marketing is a proven technique for reaching prospects and cultivating long relationships with customers. The efforts and money spent on performing your email campaigns will be justified with the increased number of open rates and the improved number subscribers for your business. Here’s a list of 5 email marketing features that most marketers may not be aware of:


Five Hidden Email Marketing Features That Will Make Your Marketing Efforts Easier

1. Build your subscriber list:

When creating and building your subscriber database, always be aware of the need to maintain a clean list of addresses, or database. The key to driving subscribers to join your mailing list is taking advantage of their interest in you. One of the best ways of building your subscriber database is through sharing knowledge and information. You can also create useful resource materials in the form of eBooks, popup images or infographics, and require that anyone who wants access to them leave their contact details along with permission to be added to your subscriber database.

2. Optimize Your Subject Line and Preview Text:

2.1 Subject Line: The best email subject lines are creative and informative. A good subject line that piques interest is the difference between a prospect opening or ignoring an email.

Tools to help you create better email subject lines

  1. SubjectLine: This free service will evaluate any subject line according to email marketing best practices and give you an instant score. Visit SubjectLine
  2. Headline Analyzer: The free Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule digs deeper to focus on scoring your headline’s word choices. Visit Headline Analyzer
  3. Email Subject Line Keyword Checker: Should you use keywords in your email subject lines? Since subject lines don’t use SEO, the debate rages on whether they aid open rates. Visit Email Subject Line Keyword Checker
2.2 Preview Text: Preview text can either be displayed or hidden in the body of your campaign. Preview text is pulled from the first few lines of text found within an email. Keep character limitations in mind, and pack the beginning of your preview text with proper keywords and phrases that perform.

3. Make emails mobile-friendly:

When it comes to creating successful email marketing in general, it’s all about your audience. You need to create mobile-friendly email as well. If your emails are not mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on the opportunity to engage your subscribers and drive results. Think about your own experience when you encounter an email that doesn’t display properly on your mobile device. Here are some tips for making your emails look great on mobile.

Five Hidden Email Marketing Features That Will Make Your Marketing Efforts Easier

4. Make it personal:

Personalization doesn’t have to be limited to using your customer’s data. You also can personalize your brand. Email personalization also brings down the number of unsubscribes and increases the subscriptions by making the email content relevant to the subscribers. Personalized emails use your subscriber’s details to tailor the email’s subject line and content.

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4.1 Email personalization uses details like a subscriber’s:

  • Name
  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Age
  • Date of joining the list
  • interactions and engagement with the product (shopping or browsing history)

Five Hidden Email Marketing Features That Will Make Your Marketing Efforts Easier

5. Include a call to action:

What is a call to action? A call to action (CTA) is a button or link prompting readers to click. This call to action hits several major marks, speak your prospective customers’ language and you can get them to do pretty much whatever you want. CTAs may have changed over the years, but the goal hasn’t changed: Put the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Here are the some CTAs to get more business.

Sample Calls to Action

  1. Free Gift: The first 100 people will receive a free gift. Order now before all the gifts are gone!
  2. Automatic Upgrade: If you order within the next 30 days, receive an automatic upgrade to the premium package.
  3. Discount Deadline: Order by the end of the week to receive 10% off.

Author: Michael Anthony is a content marketer for USAExeList, a high-end b2b email lists provider based in Addison, Texas. He promotes high-quality content in select niches for their clients.

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