5 Reasons to Redesign Your Business Website for 2017

Does your business website reflect your future plans for your business or does your current virtual space feel a little dated or hard to read on mobile devices? If it’s been awhile, maybe it’s time to give your business website a face lift.


4 Reasons to Redesign Your Business Website for 2015

If the answer is more ho-hum than ah-ha, you may want to consider giving your internet home a make-over. Need some incentive? Here are 4 reasons to redesign your website this year.

1. Is your website responsive?

Today, over 46% of Internet searches are completed on smart phones and tablets. If your website isn’t responsive and doesn’t automatically resize so it’s easily accessible and readable on mobile devices, you may be losing business, and it’s time to refresh your website’s design.

2. Have you revisited your business’ vision?

You have always had a vision for your company or brand. Your website is a reflection of that vision. The information and layout of your website help you project that vision to your customers so that they can become connected to your dream and a part of your growth. Just like you, the nature of your company evolves. The website that you designed six months ago may no longer adequately express the current state of your company. Redesigning your website is not only a necessary way to share your latest information and future plans, it is an opportunity to revisit where you were the last time you updated. Seeing how far you have come can be just the motivation you need to make the next great leap forward.

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3. Do you need to restate your involvement?

Seeing a newly redesigned website is a lot like visiting an office that is still shining from recent remodeling. It shows your visitors that you are present and active even in your virtual areas. Clients and customers are reminded that you take pride in how you present yourself. The subconscious thought that you dressed things up just to make a good impression on your visitors can go a long way toward building a good reputation for your brand.

4. Should you add interactive extras?

Whether it’s a downloadable app, a calculation tool, or a blog that encourages visitor participation, interactive areas let your customers know that you want them to be involved on a personal level. Redesigning your website to include interactive areas can remove the distance between your customers and your business no matter how far apart you are geographically.

5. What about added bells and whistles?

A website update is a great time to make sure that your web designer is offering everything you need to produce a captivating website at a price that works for your company’s budget. Take some time to research your options. If your current designer does not offer everything you want at a price that you can afford, look into other options. Find out what it will take to redesign your site so that your move will be seamless for your visitors and your search engine ranking won’t be interrupted. Your bottom line may thank you for the added attention.

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  • By Curro Astorza 10 Dec 2014

    That was pretty interesting, specially the first reason, at least for me…

  • By Andy Comber 10 Dec 2014

    There could be a number of good reasons to redesgin your website, but to my mind – the creative urge apart – they can be categorised in four ways::
    1. Your analytics make a compelling case
    2. Your business / marketing strategy is changing
    3. It can no longer provide you with the right functionality now, or in the future
    4. Customer feedback / business monitoring

  • By Guillermo CARRETERO 10 Dec 2014

    You dont need to wait nothing to make changes . Some things that I call the esqueletor of the web site, music dinamic , brands , and symbolism could mantein in a similar form , this makes easier to the audience to catch it inmediatly. But You can change the orbital things of the web page and refresh it every regular time. At lest the basis of the site became as a brand .lets take a simple sample Johny Walker gentleman was waking to the right (i think) the same gentleman change his steps to the oposite side. this marks a change without killing the esqueletor-or the iconic symbol.

  • By Bill Abramovitz 10 Dec 2014

    Redesigning Your Website? Don’t Ditch Your Old Design So Soon — Here’s come great advice that landed in my email from Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen/Norman group. Short story: Hold your Horses! http://www.nngroup.com/articles/redesign-competitive-testing/?utm_source=Alertbox&utm_campaign=21bed77bcf-Competitive_Testing_12_08_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7f29a2b335-21bed77bcf-24262329

  • By Amy 10 Dec 2014

    As everyone knows, the beauty of a website is that you can change it whenever necessary. Several comments pointed out valid reasons for change – user feedback, analytics, strategy refresh, etc. Laying out an “editorial calendar” for your site helps keep this front and center. For example, a homepage refresh every 6 months, revisit the UX, ensure content is tweaked or added to every month, goals to drive multiple channels or content types into the site. Setting methodical milestones as a roadmap keeps the focus, and then be able to quickly react to short-term needs when they pop up.

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