How to Increase Sales through Online Advertising

If you’re looking to increase sales, you’ll want to consider the online advertising. Most of today’s consumers no longer have contact with television and newspapers, so online advertising is the best way to help you take advantage of what the internet has to offer.


How to Increase Sales through Online Advertising

Types of Online Advertising

One of the key issues to consider when exploring online advertising is determining which form of online advertising you wish to invest in. Email advertising is when you send emails directly to people who have already signed up or given you their contact info. This is an effective form of marketing to the customer base that you already have. Display advertising, social media marketing, and location-based targeting are all potential ways to bring in new customers.

Targeted Markets

One of the best places to start is in analytics. Look over your past sales and find out who is buying your product or service. Then you need to figure out where to find them. Is your target market baby-boomers? You might want to invest in advertising via email. If you’re marketing to millennials, think Twitter or Snapchat. Who you want to reach with your advertising will determine what platforms you should use to reach out. Different demographics can be targeted through different platforms.


Deciding what you are hoping to achieve by your online advertising is important, both so that you know which direction to head in, but also so that you can evaluate the efficacy of your advertising program and adjust as needed. Is your goal to increase traffic to your website? Is it to convert traffic you are already getting into sales? There are a lot of things to consider, and your online advertising strategy needs to be flexible. If you realize you’re getting a lot more traffic, but you haven’t seen an increase in sales, you may need to add another layer for sales conversions into your plan.

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Make sure that you study the Return On Investment (ROI) for your marketing strategy before deciding how to most effectively spend your advertising budget. You’ll want to look for a high ROI before spending too much in one category. Once you re-evaluate the success of your online marketing, you’ll be able to see where your greatest ROI is, and reinvest in that strategy, while leaving the less effective marketing tools behind. You don’t want to scrimp too much at the beginning, but you also do want to see some return before you throw your whole advertising budget into something that may or may not work.


One of the key elements that too many people don’t pay attention to when thinking about online advertising is the design of your advertisements. It’s not just about getting something up, it’s about getting the right thing up to draw in customers and increase sales conversions. Consider hiring a freelance marketer to help you come up with the best design to attract people to your site. Having someone that knows marketing help you with this can make the difference between ads that flourish and ads that fail.

If you haven’t started with online marketing yet, you’re already behind. The world is changing, and people don’t buy papers anymore. Many people have given up broadcast television and local cable in favor of sites like Netflix and Hulu. Continuing to market in outdated mediums will be a waste of your advertising budget. Follow the above tips to get started with online advertising and increase your sales.

Author: Merrigan Leone is a blogger and a businesswoman who currently works for as a Content Manager. She specializes in online marketing, career development and freelancing. In her free time, she enjoys traveling across the world and cooking.

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