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People are still a little mystified by how well blogging can work. So, whether you’re new to blogging or a veteran blogger, here’s how you can use this online tool to enhance your business:


Avoid Keyword Stuffing and Provide Useful Information on Your Blog

When Twitter was introduced, people thought that tweeting would soon replace blogging.  After all, the modern consumer has a short attention span, right?  So they’re likely to prefer snippets of information that come in 140 characters as opposed to a typical blog of 250-300 words.  Still, blogs seem to be gaining in popularity rather than losing ground.  It’s not as though Twitter doesn’t have its market, it does.  It’s just that there’s a market for blogs out there as well.

If you’re wondering how to effectively use blogging to enhance your business, here are a few tips, including why you should avoid keyword stuffing:

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Search engines don’t allow you to indulge in “keyword stuffing” anymore i.e., using the same keyword over and over again in the course of an article just to drive traffic to your site. In fact, websites that continue to do this are now penalized and will show up much later in searches.

Use the Right Keywords and Use Them Well

Just because you’re suppose to avoid keyword stuffing doesn’t mean that you can’t use keywords at all on your website. You can continue to use them 3-4 times in a 3-400 word article or blog post. Your keywords should be simple ones that people will look for when they’re searching for information on a particular topic. For example, common real estate keywords are “real estate,” “house,” “home,” “apartment,” “mortgage,” “rent” etc.

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The Internet as a Source of Information

Keep in mind that most people look on the internet for information. For example, if you’ve just started looking for an apartment to rent, you’ll probably look on the internet for tips on how to go about the process, especially if this is the first time you’re renting. You might like tips about finding an apartment, negotiating the rent, managing your finances, decorating your apartment etc.

Giving Your Customers the Information They Need

So the best thing for you to do, as a small business owner, is to think from the point of view of your consumer. What kind of information do you think would appeal to them? What would you have liked to know when you were first looking for an apartment? Then try to write helpful blog posts about those things. Not only will this draw customers, it will also help you to become a thought leader in your field in the long run.

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