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How would you feel if a less-qualified competitor consistently ranks on page 1 of Google, while your company ends up on page 5 or 6?  If you’re like me, you’d probably think you’re missing out.



Will Starting a Blog Help Grow Your Business?

When I redesigned my website about 18 months ago, my search engine ranking dropped from page 1 to page 3 or 6 depending on the search phrase. However, because I blog on business success topics at least weekly (sometimes more often), I very shortly noticed that I was back on page 1. That’s where you want to be to attract the most business too!

Clearly, starting a blog on your website can help you raise your search engine rankings. It will also help you increase your credibility and communicate more effectively with potential and current clients, staff, colleagues and even your competition.

Bottom line:

  1. If you blog regularly, people who are looking for your services will more easily be able to find you on the Internet, and
  2. Prospects and clients will appreciate the benefit of your wisdom.

What If You Can’t Write

As you may well know, everyone isn’t a writer. If your writing is not quite up to snuff it could actually harm your business more than help. However, there are plenty of solutions for would-be bloggers who can’t write. Three possible alternatives are included under the next point below.

Outsource Your Blog Content

This suggestion shocks a lot of people. It’s a little-known secret in the world of professional blogging that sometimes bloggers don’t actually write all of their own articles. Make a quick list of all the things you wish potential clients knew before they call your office. Each of those list items could be a potential blog post and it’s unlikely that you’re the only person in the world qualified to write those posts, right? Blogging once each week can increase your Internet search ranking and your credibility when you share helpful information. It doesn’t really matter who writes it.

Here’s a list of three of blog post writing services. I haven’t tried the others, but I’ve happily used BlogMutt for almost a year. They write 4 posts each month for me for $89.00/month. I usually have to do some minor (or major) editing, but they help me keep the ball rolling:

Blog Hands
Writer Access

Hire a Good Editor

If you’re planning on writing your own blog posts but your writing is only okay and you have problems with grammar or spelling, consider hiring an editor. Even if you think you don’t have problems in this department, it’s a good idea to hire one. It’s no secret that even the best writers sometimes become blind to their own errors. (Me included.) Editing and writing are two separate skills and there’s no shame in getting a second pair of eyes on your work.

If you want your editor to provide commentary on the quality of the article, make sure you discuss this ahead of time because it’s generally outside the realm of editing to proofread for omitted details or content errors.

You Could Also Start a Video Blog

People consume a lot of video online. Are you more at ease in front of a camera than by the glow of a laptop screen? The important thing to focus on is keeping your videos short, under three minutes is a general rule-of-thumb; under one minute is even better. You can easily learn how to use a video editing software program or hire someone who does, because poorly edited (or non-edited) videos are less likely to be shared or liked.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Track down a list of video bloggers in your field to see how their videos are edited.
  2. Adding music, special effects and scrolling text credits shouldn’t be your first concern.
  3. Focus on getting rid of awkward pauses and unnecessary off-topic rants.
  4. If your rants are off-topic but still interesting, consider turning them into separate videos.
  5. Include a copy of the text in written form with your video so that the search engines can correctly index your post.

If you’re thinking of getting a blog started to generate more business and increase your credibility, contact us to discuss the details. We can help you make this an easy process.

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