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Using my graphic design, website design, and marketing communications skills, I help my clients in Santa Clarita and throughout Los Angeles to double and triple their business. My aim is to stir your imagination and leave your competition shaken and saying ‘NOW what do we do?

I love working with start-ups and small companies, though the larger volume of my business tends to be with manufacturing or service corporations that gross $10 million or more per year. When I work with clients over a period of 2 or more years, I am often able to help them double or triple their business.

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I’ve been enjoying my career in graphic design, website design, and marketing communications for over 30 years, since I was 16 years old, running a hand-feed letterpress, designing tickets and cards in my family’s print shop. And after all these years, the rush I still get from finding a great, and inspired creative solution makes it all worth it.

I’m very honored to say that over the years, I have been selected to receive more than 350 graphic and web design awards. Plus, I have a good reputation among colleagues and friends, something that is very important to me.

Here are some samples of the web work we’ve done that has helped our clients obtain their business and professional goals:

Gold Award, American Advertising Awards, Forza Construction

Stambler Law Web Site

3R Sales Web Site

Cucina delle Cucina Web Site

Total Automation Group Website

Occidental Entertainment

The Plumbologist

Margo Sherwood, Realtor, Web Site

American Pacific Industries Website

International Gold Award, Pyp Enterprises Website

JambaU Website

Workforce Magazine Website


Beyond O2 Water Website

Here are some samples of the print work we do that has helped our clients obtain their business and professional goals:

the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-azusa-orc-annual-report-1 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-azusa-orc-annual-report-ar-1 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-azusa-orc-folder the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-burbank-lockheed-federal-credit-union-1

the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-burbank-lockheed-federal-credit-union-4 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-burbank-lockheed-federal-credit-union-5


the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-cerritos-kato-spring-1 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-cerritos-kato-spring-2 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-cerritos-kato-spring-4 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-los-angeles-bullocks

the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-los-angeles-craig_09 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-los-angeles-harbor1_09 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-los-angeles-ucla-1 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-pasadena-jpl-colorar-1 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-santa-barbara-digital-instruments-di_corp-1 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-santa-clarita-achilles-ad

the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-santa-clarita-achilles-brochure the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-santa-clarita-stern-kory-2 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-santa-monica-teledyne-2 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-torrance-garrett_blue_09 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-vista-prefast-ad-1 the-sherwood-group-graphic-design-vista-prefast-ad-2

the-sherwood-group-web-design-carson-west-basin-highlights-1 the-sherwood-group-web-design-pasadena-nasa-5

This article is published by Will Sherwood | The Sherwood Group |Website Design | Graphic Design | Marketing Communications: The Sherwood Group has over 30 years of experience working with all sorts of companies, small and large. Our clients range from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 firms, in nearly every business sector, from across the street to around the world (and yes, even Europe, China, and South America). Our goal is to create advertising,  graphic design, website design, and marketing communication that still looks fresh and relevant 10-15 years later. Our mission is to stir your imagination and leave your competition shaken and wondering,  Now what do we do?”  We are located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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