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Are you a specialist in your field who has an established LinkedIn profile? Excellent. But how do you generate leads, build your brand, and ultimately have prospects coming to you? In other words, what does it take to make LinkedIn work for your business?



Here are a 5 great ways to help you make LinkedIn work for your business:

1. Review the connections of existing clients. Oftentimes, you clients and customers are connected to people who are excellent prospects for your specialty. Look through their connections, and when you identify a good prospect, ask your client how well they know the prospect. If your client says, “We’re great buddies. Our kids play together.” or some such statement indicating that they are on good terms, ask them if they would send them an email recommending you. However, don’t rely on them to follow through. Ask them if they would forward an introductory email that you’ve written describing your services.

2. Use searches to reach out to new prospects. LinkedIn has a great search feature. You can find prospective clients who are connected with people that you already know. This is a great way to generate new leads. You can even restrict your search by industry or keyword. Further, you can even save your search and LinkedIn will notify you (by e-mail) when people who match your search criteria are on the network.

3. Join groups that don’t just include people in your specialty. Sure, it’s great to network with people who are like-minded, but you’re also looking for clients. Join groups of people who share your interests. Lots of them need people with your specialty, too. Also, if you have a target market, don’t neglect to join groups specific to that market.

4. Don’t oversell. This is an across-the-board piece of advice for all service-oriented professionals on social media. If you come across like too much of a salesperson, you’ll turn them off. Instead, come across as someone who wants to connect with other professionals and people who share common interests.

5. Stay active. Don’t just set up your profile and then abandon LinkedIn hoping that people will reach out to you. Believe me, they won’t come begging for you services unless you have formed a working relationship. You need to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn:

  1. Make sure that you post regular status updates.
  2. Share interesting ideas and blog links.
  3. Comment on other people’s activity.

One of the best features about LinkedIn is that it lets you maintain visibility in front of prospective clients.

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