Eisenhower quadrant

The Eisenhower quadrant can help you determine which tasks are best suited for outside expertise. If you haven’t seen this model of time management, it’s worth a look.

Tasks that fall into the urgent AND important category should be done by you or by someone on your in-house team. When there’s little to no margin for error it’s important to oversee the task to completion. Tasks that are urgent but NOT important should be delegated or outsourced. Get it done, then move on. If a task is important but NOT urgent then you probably need to look more closely at the planning of it (which can be delegated). It might feel like procrastination if you’ve been indoctrinated with a “get it done now” mentality but for creative people who have a ton of ideas, this method helps thin out the herd so you can choose which ones to act on. Finally, the non urgent and non important it’s probably a waste of time. If it’s meaningful for you, then by all means, choose to engage in your free time.

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