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34 Excellent Print Ads for Your Creative Inspiration

Here are 34 fresh and original print advertisements to inspire your creativity (thanks to the folks at Enjoy!

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Sanofi Targifor: Rowing

Poly-Brite: Bowl

Sony Entertainment Television / CSI: Homework

Save the Children: Kitchen Circle

Abbott, Ensure Active M2: Answers, Anniversary

MASP Art School: Dissected, Dali

Toyota FJ Cruiser 4×4: Curve

Upload Cinema: David

Children’s Defense Fund: Be Careful What You Cut, Prison

Weetbix: Every kind of metal

Clínica Dempere: Surgery

AdPrint Festival: Connection error

Baruel Foot Deodorant: Puppet Fired

Unicef: Socks

Henkel Combat: Spray

Wrigley Orbit: Chicken

Ram Trucks: Versatility

MasterCard Canada: Women’s Golf Classic

Bikes Over All Motorshow 2012 San Diego: Fat boy

Piraeus Bank: Jersey

3M Privacy Filter: For your eyes only

Red Pepper Audio Books: Gulliver

Playcenter: Girls

B&B Hotels: Bacon

San Francisco SPCA: Mobile

New York International Latino Film Festival: Sports Comeback Movie Recipe

Sharpie: Choose your Story, Rich Rapper / Poor Rapper

Hot Park Water Park: Deer

Selk’bag: Bear

Neo-Laryngobis: Live

Bench Fix Hairstyling Products: Spider

Crossword Bookstores, Audio books: Lips

Synapse: MRI

Poly-Brite: Tea

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Presented here for your education, inspiration and enjoyment by:

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  • By david 04 Oct 2012

    I reviewed your work and I must say I was not inspired, although it was a good graphic exercise and well presented I have seen it all before. Most of the art I would guess was photoshopped and the rest may have been original. I have been doing creative for over 44 years and still maintain a good sense of what is tasteful and meaningful. I know you will say I am old and not in touch with reality, not true.

    • By Will Sherwood 16 Oct 2012

      Wasn’t my work… Just passing along ideas… Thank you for reading.

    • By Jody 19 Oct 2012

      Hi David,

      If that artwork did not inspire you, I’d love to see what does? Do you have a web site? I am always interested to see what creative people from different generations use as inspiration for their creative process!


  • By Vanessa 04 Oct 2012

    I absolutely love all of these ads! They are all so smart and work very very well. I really loved the Mastercard 12th annual women’s golf classic! That one had me staring and feeling envious that I wish I could have came up with that. Great job with all the executions overall and thanks for sharing!!!

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