Internet Marketing Trends For 2013

This year, web design tops all other internet marketing trends.


In an article from Startup Nation, they list 13 trends for 2013. Web design is listed first, followed by  five items that depend totally on graphic and web design. It’s clear that excellence in web design is finally taking center stage in Internet marketing circles as more and more users prefer visual marketing over plain text-based marketing. With the rise in popularity of image-based sites like Pinterest an Instagram, they join the already established video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo.

Here are the points with further discussion presented in the Startup Nation article:

  • Design Matters
  • Marketing Goes Visual
  • Parallax Design
  • Mobile Mobile Mobile
  • Video Video Video

Visual marketing a requirement

It appears it is no longer an option for marketers to invest in visuals for their marketing materials. Attractive visuals are now a vital piece of landing page design. It’s not just about making the page look pretty, either. It’s imperative that the images and videos are integrated nicely into the marketing message. All elements must contribute to the entire user experience.

Mobile marketing

Marketing in 2013 means having pages that are friendly for all possible devices. This, too, is no longer an option. In 2012, there were early adopters of responsive design and mobile-specific web pages. Now, businesses must choose or else be seen as antiquated and unwilling to change. It is now unacceptable to have to widen the browser view in order to read text. It must be delivered readable as-is, or it goes down a few notches in the user’s mind.


Remarketing is not just for big brands anymore. It has now hit mainstream small businesses. In order to cut costs and improve the investment in advertising, all marketers need to consider how to capture the audience the first time so that they can continue to deliver their brand message.

A remarketing campaign can be as simple as asking for the visitor’s email address before they start their shopping cart experience. In this way, shopping cart abandonment does not have to hurt businesses as badly, as it did in the past.

Internet marketing practices continue to evolve over time, and it is always exciting to modify methodologies as consumer demand changes.

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