200 of Google’s Website Ranking Factors [Infographic]

Google hasn’t publically announced their website ranking standards, but they have leaked that there at around 200 of them. This Infographic gives you an overview of these standards all in one convenient place thanks to Single Grain and Backlinko and based on their knowledge of Google. Enjoy!


This infographic includes Google’s ranking properties, domain and backlink factors, plus many more that you can use to help increase your website ranking. Though Google is constantly changing its algorithms this list should serve you well for the time being. You may want to keep it for future reference too!



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  • By Ioan Virag 03 Dec 2013

    Thank you, that’s really helpful.

  • By Ronald Dung 04 Dec 2013

    Excellent! Very Comprehensive List of 200 Google’s Ranking Factors – A must-read for any Digital / Search Engine Marketer.

  • By Craig Bird 04 Dec 2013

    Interesting read Will, thanks for posting.

  • By Paul Vanbosterhaut 04 Dec 2013

    Very interesting… Thanks for sharing!

  • By Luwana Masteller 04 Dec 2013

    Nice compilations of what seems like everything that has ever had any weight in any algorithm – I would like to see this list with some kind of weight hierarchy… haha wouldn’t everyone!

  • By Steve Fisher 04 Dec 2013

    If you want to see what Google says is most important, check out here: Naturally, of course, the details are a bit fuzzy.


  • By Better Graph SEO Company 08 Dec 2013

    Thanks for sharing it and i really appreciate your hard work for creating such a knowledge full infographic on Google Ranking factors.

  • By Stoney deGeyter 13 Dec 2013

    Excellent resource. I wouldn’t dare call it the complete list but it definitely is comprehensive.

  • By Nickolas Barakso 16 Dec 2013

    Thanks for the share! All them seem to be great factors but I agree that those can potentially be helpful for SEO.

  • By Spook SEO 04 Jan 2014

    It is a good and comprehensive list and by knowing about this SEO can improve its techniques. Also by following the same back link factors of link building and content marketing SEO can get the benefit of having the best practice of SEO.

  • By Ronnie 11 Mar 2016

    Nice infographic. For a complete guide to how Google ranks sites, read https://northcutt.com/wr/google-ranking-factors/. They’ve included factors that are concrete, likely, iff, controversial or even outright myths, but have filters to hide or highlight what you need to know.

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