The World’s History in 2 Minutes

A high school student, Drivinman687, created this 2 minute world history video. It has already scored over 7 million views since May of last year, and there’s a good reason: it’s pure excellence!



This was Drivinman687’s  final project for his high school video productions class “Cutaway Productions.”  He clearly stated that he doesn’t own the rights to the music or the images, and he’s not trying to claim them. This was simply a fun project that required hours of freely-given time. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Music: Mind Heist (Yes. It’s from the movie “Inception”) by Zack Hemsey

Images: A couple of the space pictures, at 0:02, and 1:59 through 2:01 are made by the digital artist, Gary Tonge “antifanfan,” a buddy of mine who can be found on his youtube page and on his website.

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  • By Before They're Gone: Stunning Photography of the World’s Remote Tribes 13 Nov 2013

    Night Watch by Rembrandt Brought to Life has to be one of the best promotional ideas I’ve ever seen. These others are fantastic too: Canine Domino Effect, The World’s History in 3 Minutes, Fun Television Advertising at Its Best! From Love to Bingo in 873 Images, and Motel 6 Takes a Trip Through Time.

  • By Muhammad AMINU Jika 22 May 2015

    Kumba kept into the late hour. Love the lay out. The message hang me till the end. Lovely.

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