Increase Your Online Search Ranking By Adding FREE Articles To Your Blog or Website

All of us would like to increase our online search engine rankings. Free articles from publications and magazines can help us do just that. This article shows you what to do and how to do it.



Occasionally you’ll come across a well-written article in a magazine, newsletter, or even some type of free online content and think, “I wish the readers of my blog or website could see this!” Well, that just might be a possibility! Getting permission from publishers to reprint their content online is a fairly simple process. You only need to write a letter or send an email to the editor of the publication and get permission to use the piece, thereby avoiding copyright problems.

Writing a Permission Letter

These types of letters should be simple and to the point. Here’s how to write a publication about using their content:

  1. Start by greeting the editor by name. Don’t use Mr., Mrs. or Miss. Use just their name.
  2. You should tell the editor why you loved the article and why you would like to use it. Don’t go on and on. State the point in a few sentences.
  3. Ask the editor who owns the copyright to the article. If the publication owns the copyright then permission may be granted right away. If the writer of the article owns the copyright, the editor will need to direct you on how to get in touch with the writer. Ask the editor for this information, nicely.
  4. Offer to mention the publication on your blog or website, or offer them free ad space for their time and generosity, if your site is set up to accommodate ads.
  5. Spell check the letter to make sure the letter sounds professional.  Reading it aloud will also help eliminate errors.
  6. Either print out your letter and snail mail it to the publication or email it.

Some Tips on Acquiring Free Content for Websites

The process for writing a permission letter may be easy, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind when trying to acquire free website content:

  1. The editor may ask you to pay a small fee for the article, so be prepared.
  2. If there is no response after two weeks, send a follow-up letter. A follow-up can simply say, “I was wondering if you received my letter about your article ‘XYZ’. Thank you for your time.”
  3. Don’t ask over and over again or get angry if the publication says no. The publication has that right. Just move on.
  4. Don’t use the article anyway. Doing so could open you up to a lawsuit.
  5. Don’t use articles that are already posted on the internet. This could make you website’s search engine ranking go down.

Acquiring free articles is a good way to beef up the content of your blog or website while providing helpful information to your readers. By following these tips, you should be able to get the information you need to extend your reach and visibility.

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