From Yelp To TripAdvisor & Beyond: The Next Wave In Mobile Marketing

The radically different type of internet behavior that mobile devices are causing continues to demand that businesses repeatedly review their mobile marketing and branding strategies.



Vertical Search Engines Emerging

One specific dimension of this is the emergence of vertical search engines, like Yelp and TripAdvisor, that are increasingly supplanting Google as the search engines of choice when certain types of information are needed. A simple example —  a smartphone user that wants to quickly find a local coffee shop that is well-rated is unlikely to turn to Google. Yelp would be a more likely choice.

What is happening is that, essentially, internet savvy minds are doing some of the basic sorting. Second and third tier search engines are going to increasingly become the ones that are used for certain endeavors pertaining to travel, real estate, and retail businesses.

An Alternative To PPC

As a result, advertisers may want to re-direct some of those PPC dollars to display advertising on industry-specific engines like TripAdvisor. For example, this travel site now has over 9 million U.S. visitors each month. Globally, traffic exceeds 50 million unique visitors per month. What’s more, this company asserts that 24 percent of visitors remain on its site for more than five minutes, and that a similar percentage return to the site at least four times within a week.

Follow Your Customer

For many enterprises, this means an adjustment in where advertising dollars are spent. As loyalty to industry-specific apps expands, advertising directly with a Yelp or a Trulia might be more effective.

Another scenario exists as well. Say one is looking to purchase a home. Day after day, the prospective buyers may use Google. Then, they begin to realize that Trulia or Zillow is being utilized more than other sites. So that app is downloaded and they are basically done with Google right through the closing on their new home.

Also, when they re-enter the market to relocate in a few years, are they going to return to Google? Hardly. If anything, by then, another layer of apps may have emerged that cause them to embrace sites even more specific that Trulia or Zillow. Once again, monitoring changes in user behavior and following them wherever they go can be a beneficial strategy.

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