Email Marketing: How To Design Newsletters With Pizazz

Email marketing with newsletters is becoming a very important marketing tool for small and large businesses.  In fact, you’ve probably received one or more today.


(NOTE: Be sure to check out the 30 examples of excellent email marketing newsletters included after the discussion below.)

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More than likely, the newsletters you’ve received came from companies that proudly present a picture of a boring corporate meeting among people you’ve never met.  The biggest problem with newsletters is that most of them just don’t have any appeal to the potential reader.  A possible reason for this phenomenon is that most newsletters are created by people who don’t really understand how to write or design reader-based newsletters. They just really don’t give a hoot about their target audience.

First Step in Newsletter Design

Corporate newsletters are an excellent tool for keeping everyone informed about the latest developments within the organization.  Email marketing with client newsletters aid in building customer loyalty and attracting new customers.  Before attempting to design either type of newsletter, there are some very important questions that must be answered, including:

  1. Who will read the newsletter?
  2. What is the main purpose of the newsletter?
  3. How can the newsletter build reader involvement?
  4. What subjects will the target audience actually read?
  5. Building Relationships

An email newsletter can be a very powerful marketing and communication tool. A newsletter with a little pizazz will help your company build a unique relationship with your audience.  They not only receive information about products or services, they will actually remember your company. Customers and potential customers enjoy newsletters that bring them value.

Make It Interesting

One of the basic fundamentals of an effective corporate or client newsletter is to make it interesting, relevant and enjoyable.  The design must be simple and clean and it must be visually appealing. A newsletter should not be a case study or thesis, but information small enough to understand and more importantly, remember.  The newsletter is the voice of your business and must reflect a distinct personality.  It doesn’t hurt to have a little sense of humor even when being totally professional seems to be the best choice.  There are many places online to review clever newsletter designs, including InspirationFeed, DesignFix and Trip Wire Magazine.

Using an Email Marketing Service

Due to the many changes in the way search engines view websites and email, it is probably not a good idea to use your business email account for email marketing. There is a good possibility that your account could be blacklisted for spamming. There are a number of reliable services to use in sending bulk emails, including Constant Contact, Vertical Response, MailChimp, and others. These companies know what they are doing and will have a much better chance of getting a newsletter in an inbox instead of a spam folder.

Here are 30 excellent examples of email marketing with newsletters for your creative inspiration:



























































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    Really informative and some wonderful examples of e mail marketing. I am based out of India, Bangalore and a Business Consultant. Keen to know if you can handle any clients from India for e mail marketing, if so, share details including costing. My clients are the small start ups with no major budgets but would like to serve them quality and grow with them. Would appreciate a reply.

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