3 Reasons Why A Positive Attitude Is Essential For Success in The Workplace

Each day, we are bombarded by negative messages. It’s been estimated that between television, newspapers, magazines and advertising, about 80% of the messages hitting us every day are negative in some way, focusing on where we’re lacking instead of where we’re good to go. What are we to do, given it’s almost impossible to maintain a healthy, positive attitude?



Because of  ceaseless negative bombardment from the media, the workplace too is filled with less-than-positive attitudes: negative thoughts about ourselves, out co-workers, management and customers, are all ever present.

Searching through a sea of negativity to find a positive attitude may sound impossible, but it isn’t. If no one else at your job has a positive attitude, you can start the trend. It’s as simple eliminating the sources of negativity in your life and replacing them with positive thinking.

Take my 30 Day Attitude Challenge, and for the next 30 days:

  1. Turn off commercial television. The ads mostly show you where you’re lacking.
  2. Stop reading the newspapers. They thrive on the sensational and the horrible. Remember the old newspaper motto? “If it bleeds, it leads.”
  3. Get rid of your magazine subscriptions. Some are good, but most are questionable.
  4. Start your day by reading a good book for 1/2 hour, like “The Power of Positive Thinking” or “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”
  5. Learn to adjust your attitude moment by moment so you focus on what’s working, instead of what isn’t working in your life.
  6. Replace worry and negative thinking with positive affirmations. Repeat a phrase like “Every day in every way I am getting better and better” until the negative thought disappears. (For other affirmation ideas, check out the “Power Thought Cards” from Louise Hay.)

When you stop filling your mind with negative thoughts, especially when you first wake up in the morning and right before bedtime, you’ll see a marked change in your general outlook and attitudes. A certain recipe for disaster is to start your day with the TV news and end it with the 11:00 news! Take my 30 Day Attitude Challenge and you’ll find yourself thinking positively, getting more positive feedback, taking a thankful perspective on your life and doing things to the best of your ability.

If you’re still wondering why a positive attitude is so essential to your success in life and in the workplace, or why it starts with you, these 3 reasons might help:

  1. The positive vibes you bring to work create a sense of self-worth among your coworkers, while doubts and negative vibes bring down work morale and performance. Positive vibes give you new energy that you never knew you had. You’ll feel like you can accomplish anything and nothing can stand in your way.
  2. When you make the switch to from being negative, confidence and good behavior follow. The people around you feel appreciated and good work continues apace. It’s that new pep in your step that drives others to be their best too. Your coworkers will feel more comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns because of your positive attitude and general demeanor.
  3. Positive vibes encourage everyone to help one another. Positive attitudes are contagious—in a good way. The positive attitude you bring to the table will spread to co-workers and management, bringing out the best in everyone. You’ll feel better working with your co-workers in this new positive environment because fitting in is so much easier.

Though it may be impossible to be positive all the time, if you take my 30 Day Attitude Challenge and eliminate the media from your life while you begin filling your mind with good positive thoughts (the kind that come from good literature and positive affirmations) you’ll find that your life in general, and especially in the workplace, will flow easily and more positively. You’ll notice that good things will start to happen and you’ll witness a change for the better. Words like negative, doubt, and fear will disappear from your vocabulary and your life, and you’ll never look back.

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