Why a Blog is Critical to Your Marketing Strategy

Talking about a business blog is likely to incite dread in the eyes of many business owners.  Who has the time to maintain a professional-looking blog on top of everything else?  Won’t quick posts on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn suffice for your marketing strategy? For most businesses, the answer is no.


Why a Blog is Critical to Your Marketing Strategy

A blog, while indeed time-intensive, has the potential to generate far more value than other social media channels put together.  And once started off on the right foot, the work of writing original posts can easily be outsourced to a number of blog content providers.  So why is a business blog, that doesn’t directly sell anything, so important to your overall marketing strategy?

It builds trust in you and your brand

When consistently posting content that is helpful, topical, and not solely promotional, you will begin to develop credibility with your reader base.  Soon you will be looked to as an expert in your niche, the go-to person with the answers.  This translates into consumer trust which translates into increased sales – without having to pitch a thing.

It drives traffic to your website

Readers who have found answers or useful information on your blog are more likely to click onto your primary website to learn more about your company and products or services.  Blogging allows your SEO opportunities to remain virtually limitless – as long as you’re developing engaging content, you can organically weave in keywords that will continue to drive new readers and internet-answer-searchers to your site.

It humanizes your brand

All successful salespeople know that people buy from other people – not from a faceless company.  A high quality blog allows you to inject your personality into your posts so that readers begin to relate to you as a person instead of just a company.  This cultivates trust and credibility, leading you to be the person and brand that readers think of when they are in the market for your product or services.

For these reasons and so many more, a high quality blog should act as a foundation for your larger marketing strategy.  Managed correctly, it will support and improve the effectiveness of other online and offline marketing channels while developing a pipeline of consumer interest.  It furthermore helps you to distinguish yourself as a leader in your field, building consumer confidence in what you have to offer.

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