2013 Super Bowl Advertising: What’s Your Favorite Ad?

Now I have to admit, that when watching the 2013 Super Bowl Advertising, I intentionally looked for the ads that stood out the most.

I wasn’t looking for the best consumer interactivity, though Coke did a good job of that, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to be so grossed out by the GoDaddy ad that nearly brought up the chips and dip I had been enjoying to that point. I was merely looking for the most memorable, though there were many. Still, only a couple stood out in my mind after the game was over.

Here then, are my 3 clear favorites among the mostly excellent 2013 Super Bowl ads.

This was probably the cutest ad of the day, though I’m not sure who will remember that it’s for the car company Kia: ‘Space Babies’


Before its release the “Coke Chase” ad (below) was criticized for its portrayal of arabs. That didn’t bother me, though. I thought it was a fun chase.


Here’s another one that I couldn’t remember who it was for, but for the “Rock” who stood out in my mind long after the game had ended: Milk Mustache.


There was also this great ad by Calvin Klein, obviously for the women in the audience. Though I know there are probably lots of male viewers who presumed that by wearing Calvin Klein underwear, they would have a body like this model. Concept 2013


Then there was the gross-out of the day from GoDaddy. Need I say more? “Perfect Match”

Let us know your most and least favorites in the comments below.

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Comments: What were your favorite ads? Least favorite ads. Please let us know in the comments box below. Also, here’s a complete list, thanks to the Washington Post. Can also view them on YouTube.com.



  • By UpAllNight 04 Feb 2013

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    WHOA! customers claim: ‘seemingly endless energy’ to party all night!!!…

  • By Lisa Bickford 05 Feb 2013

    Agreed Will – the Go Daddy commercial was THE WORST – gross!!

    My fave (probably because I’m from MN – “da land of ten tousand lakes”) was the VW commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H0xPWAtaa8

    Keep up the great work on your blog Will – love it!

  • By LastChance 07 Feb 2013

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    you really should try some social signals to boost your blog…

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